Veteran Saves Trapped Hope Mills Man From Flooded Home

October 8th, 2016 was just another day for Quavas Hart, as he set out to do what many NC residents know him for, flying his drones. Only this day was a bit different, seeing as Hurricane Matthew had an unexpected impact on many communities on the North Carolina coast. Quavas had charged his drones before the storm hit and was prepared to go out to film the Hurricane aftermath in local and surrounding areas. For some strange reason, he felt pressed to fly his drone in a flooded neighborhood in Hope Mills. Taking out his DJI Phantom 3 drone, he began to fly over the water filled homes that anyone could only pray to have been empty. Little did he know, there was someone inside of one of the homes that needed help, and fast!

Quavas later posted a photo from the Hope Mills footage online, with the hashtag #Matthew #HopeMills. At the same time, Craig Williams in Texas was searching through those hashtags and came across the post from Quavas. He sent the photo to his brother who happened to stay in Hope Mills, and joked that at least he wasn’t in that deep. Craig’s brother , Hope Mills resident Chris Williams then realized that the photo was of his own home! He then asked his brother to find the person who had taken the photo in effort to arrange a rescue for him. Chris Williams and his dog were both trapped upstairs in the home where water was nearing the second floor.

Quavas recalls what happened next, “His brother makes contact with me…” Quavas got back into his vehicle and returned to the Hope Mills neighborhood. “So I talked to him on Twitter, and got his number… and went back to make sure it’s him.” He flew the Phantom 3 over the area again, and now he is able to see Chris Williams stick his head out of the window. Quavas needed immediate help and resources in order for the rescue to happen. He came across a guy from FEMA in the woods with a boat. He’s then able to fly the drone down and get the guy’s attention. He’s then able to lead help to Chris Williams & his dog with his drone, just before he was out of battery charge.

This was the day that Quavas Hart’s life changed, all while doing something that he loves to do. Quavas frequently helps in the community, providing coverage of various non profit events, and shining light on things that matter the most. This veteran has a story and a dream and the world needs to hear it.

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