Veteran Saves Trapped Hope Mills Man From Flooded Home

October 8th, 2016 was just another day for Quavas Hart, as he set out to do what many NC residents know him for, flying his drones. Only this day was a bit different, seeing as Hurricane Matthew had an unexpected impact on many communities on the North Carolina coast. Quavas had charged his drones before the storm hit and was prepared to go out to film the Hurricane aftermath in local and surrounding areas. For some strange reason, he felt pressed to fly his drone in a flooded neighborhood in Hope Mills. Taking out his DJI Phantom 3 drone, he began to fly over the water filled homes that anyone could only pray to have been empty. Little did he know, there was someone inside of one of the homes that needed help, and fast!

Quavas later posted a photo from the Hope Mills footage online, with the hashtag #Matthew #HopeMills. At the same time, Craig Williams in Texas was searching through those hashtags and came across the post from Quavas. He sent the photo to his brother who happened to stay in Hope Mills, and joked that at least he wasn’t in that deep. Craig’s brother , Hope Mills resident Chris Williams then realized that the photo was of his own home! He then asked his brother to find the person who had taken the photo in effort to arrange a rescue for him. Chris Williams and his dog were both trapped upstairs in the home where water was nearing the second floor.

Quavas recalls what happened next, “His brother makes contact with me…” Quavas got back into his vehicle and returned to the Hope Mills neighborhood. “So I talked to him on Twitter, and got his number… and went back to make sure it’s him.” He flew the Phantom 3 over the area again, and now he is able to see Chris Williams stick his head out of the window. Quavas needed immediate help and resources in order for the rescue to happen. He came across a guy from FEMA in the woods with a boat. He’s then able to fly the drone down and get the guy’s attention. He’s then able to lead help to Chris Williams & his dog with his drone, just before he was out of battery charge.

This was the day that Quavas Hart’s life changed, all while doing something that he loves to do. Quavas frequently helps in the community, providing coverage of various non profit events, and shining light on things that matter the most. This veteran has a story and a dream and the world needs to hear it.

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Danny Glover, Michael B Jordan & More Police Violence PSA

Danny Glover, Michael B Jordan, & More Star in short film by Harry Belafonte

Watch “Against The Wall” , Police Violence PSA Below!

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Frank Ocean Live Streams New Album

And just like that… Frank Ocean is back. He’s now live streaming his album on his website only.
To watch/hear it for yourself, click here:

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New Video: Leon Marin: February 16th

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Cam Newton Freestyles & Sings Usher’s Nice & Slow

Our favorite quarterback Cam Newton shows off his musical talents and sings Usher’s Nice & Slow then freestyles!

Check it out!

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Leon Marin – Pop Style (Free Verse)

Feature of the Week: Leon Marin: Pop Style (Free Verse)

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Must See! Funniest “Hello” Parody Ever

We saw this “Hello” Parody about weightloss struggle and it was awesome! Check it out below!

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DLOW – Do It Like Me (Official Video)

We’ve been following DLOW since the beginning and we love his energy! Take a look at the official video for “Do It Like Me”

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New Video: Birdman: Put Some Respek On My Name

Brand New Video! Birdman go hard! “Put Some Respek On My Name
The Dance Is Crazy! Watch Below!!

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New Video: Tory Lanez: Came 4 Me

Tory Lanez: Came 4 Me

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NEWS: Josh Norman wants $16 mil. Panthers rescind franchise tag

Josh Norman wants $16 mil. Panthers rescind franchise tag, making him a free agent.
Check the official statement from the Panthers below!

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Casting Call For 2 Chainz Movie In ATL

New 2 Chain Movie Is Holding A Casting Call At Harlem Nights In Atlanta GA

April 20th 5p-10p

Bring Headshots!

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New Video: Rihanna: Needed Me

New Visual From Rihanna To Go With Her Latest Radio Single “Needed Me”

Check It Out Below


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Harriet Tubman Will Be The New Face On $20 Bills








Just Announced:: Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bills.

Take a look above at what the new bill may look like. Thoughts??



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Casting Call For Denzel Washington & Viola Davis “Fences”



KIDS- All ethnicities. Ages 5-14.

KIDS BASEBALL- African American boys who know and understand the game of baseball ages 6-12.

MEN & WOMEN- 30-60 years old, of Italian, Greek, Armenian, Middle Eastern Descent

Please submit the following to

Please include:
Current Photo
Height, Weight
Contact information/phone number
What you are submitting for: (kids baseball, kids..etc.)

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Video: Ro James: Permission

Dope New Video From Ro James “Permission”

Watch Below!

<iframe width=”660″ height=”365″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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2nd Annual Evening At The Oscars

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Upsilon Kappa Omega Chapter bring us the annual “An Evening At The Oscars”












April 16th 2016, The Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Upsilon Kappa Omega Chapter bring us the annual “An Evening At The Oscars” (Jazz On Top Of The Town). The night will include live jazz music & dancing, featuring a performance by Billboard recording artist Marcus Anderson.

Besides providing Fayetteville, NC & surrounding areas with an evening to remember, this event is known for raising money each year that will go towards scholarships for local high school students. This organization goes above and beyond for their community, fully exemplifying their motto “Service to All Mankind”. They are able to use resources to contribute to causes such as the Asthma Action Group’s Asthma Fair and Camp, Human Trafficking Awareness, Sandhills Heart Walk, the Veterans, Women’s Shelter, Back Packs & school supplies to local schools, and The Bicycle Man annual giveaway scholarships.

The night begins at 8:00 pm at the Crown Expo Center. Make your way out to support a wonderful cause, and an organization that purposes to do more and more for their community each year!

What: “2nd Annual Evening at the Oscars”

Featuring: Marcus Anderson

Where: The Crown Expo Center

Hall C, Fayetteville, NC 28306

When: April 16, 2016 at 8 pm -1 am

Classy Dress: Cocktail Attire

Cash bar and Refreshments

I.D. is required for this event

$35.00 for paper tickets purchased in advanced

For more information, visit or call 910.663.1527
Tickets can also be purchased online here:



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ATCQ’s Phife Passes Away At 45. Celebrating The Life Of Phife

We at the L3 Brand would like to send our condolences to the family and friends of ATCQ member & co founder Phife Dawg.

He is & will be legendary and his contribution to the music game can never be forgotten.

Music moves us one song at a time and when we lose someone who is a part of our memories, it’s like we lose a piece of ourselves at the

same time. One love Phife. RIH.

Watch Below: ATCQ Performs Live On Yo! MTV Raps


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Exclusive:: New From DLOW – #iamDLOW

Check Out The @AtlanticRecords debut from D LOW #IAmDLOW available NOW! @_iamDLOW

Click Here:


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Ronnie C, Citizen Thrown Out Of Trump Rally Tells Us What It Means To Be American

While the world is talking about him being thrown out of a Trump Rally, Fayetteville, NC’s own Ronnie C tells us his take on what it means to be American. Read his story below via Huffington Post:

“As I woke up this morning, the reality and depth of the situation started to finally set in.

Seventy-plus interviews later, my childhood friend and I are on national news because we decided to attend a presidential campaign event. My childhood friend and I are on national news because we were exercising our civic rights as Americans.

At a Donald J. Trump campaign event March 9, 2016, my friend Rakeem and I saw what being American is all about.

Being American is about being at a public place where I take my child to watch hockey games regularly becoming a beehive of hatred.

Being American is about watching law enforcement “detain” your friend for being a victim of assault.

Being American is about getting escorted out of a facility in your hometown while onlookers chant, “go home niggers.”

The entire experience from beginning to end is something we never asked for. We didn’t sign up for this, but yet here it lays in front of us. It has been unreal, distressing and nauseating.

One of the main thoughts that remains in my head is, What if I didn’t have my camera?

Thank God I did.

It’s preposterous to read other articles where the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department alludes that Rakeem may have fallen walking up the stairs into police. What a lot of people fail to realize is that Rakeem is already at the top of the stairs when he “fell.”

It’s equally troubling that they also say that the officers were not looking when he was struck in the face and assaulted. All 10 of them didn’t see it? The armed, trained people who are charged with the task of protecting us didn’t see someone strike a young man in between them?

You kind of have to laugh at that response. No apologies. No acceptance of responsibility. No acknowledgement of inaction. “He may have fell walking up the stairs” is all you get. Ignore the 10,000 people watching, countless cameras and numerous angles of that moment being captured by various spectators, because that doesn’t count apparently.

A day after the assault, and a story that has captivated the nation, a sheriff’s department inundated by calls and questions says, “We caught the guy.”

Oh really?

“This is just another incident in history that will be forgot after another story of greater value emerges.”
You didn’t catch him when he was inflicting bodily harm on my friend while the cameras rolled?

You didn’t catch him while he was doing an interview with Inside Edition inside of the Crown Coliseum saying that Rakeem deserved it, and he might “have to kill him” if he saw him again?

But you’ve got him now. Thanks, we feel a lot safer.

Thanks for finally doing your job at the behest of an interrogative public. Yet, we’re not mad. We’re not surprised.

This is just another incident in history that will be forgot after another story of greater value emerges. It’s not sad. It’s not upsetting.

It’s America.”

Follow Ronnie C. Rouse on Twitter:

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